Super Early Bird AGM Registration

It seems a bit ludicrous to think about the BCHPA  AGM in October when we just had the semi-annual this past weekend. However this could save you some money, like $60. Our VP, Jeff Lee, is doing some awesome work at bringing in speakers, and in Kamloops on Saturday, the main presentation by Michael Palmer was sold out and late comers had to be turned away. Also, for those of us in the Kootenays, this year’s AGM will be in Kelowna. So not a trip to the coast or Vancouver Island like the last two years. I have also heard that one of the speakers booked is Jerry Hayes, who writes the “Classroom” article in American Bee Journal every month, who was Florida state bee inspector, and who has now gone “over to the Dark Side” and works for Monsanto. Should definitely be interesting!! Anyway, here is the link. You must register before the end of the month to get in on the deal.

Where to get bees 2017.02

Huxter bees in Grand Forks, two units available;

  1. Four drawn frame nucs in a cardboard or plastic nuc box. Three of the 4 frames will be 50% or better brood plus 1 frame of honey/pollen. Cost: $190.00
  2. Single deep hives containing a single frame feeder and 9 drawn frames of which 5-6 will be 50% or better brood, the rest honey/pollen. Unit also includes a bottom board, a feed bag plastic cloth inner cover, and a migratory lid. Cost: $280.00

Pick up is in Grand Forks. Contact Liz or Terry;  or 250.442.5204


Bees in Toronto

An interesting read on the keeping of honeybees as well as the variety of native bees found in the city of Toronto. Also shows how much farther ahead Toronto is with urban beekeeping compared to some of western BC towns and cities. But of course Toronto has been around a lot longer than us. 🙂


March monthly meeting – WK Beekeepers

Sunday, March 5 will be our monthly meeting at Paul Taylor‘s place. This month we will be looking at Beekeeping “Gadgets and Gizmos”. So if you have an interesting beekeeping “invention” that you love to use, come and share. I will have a short PowerPoint presentation on some of the ideas that Lance Cuthill and I have collected. See you there, 13:00!